The Sunrise People

The Sunrise is a name given to the regions the Worldspine and the Shaded Sea, and the independent peoples and nations that live there. The Sunrise People have no particular common culture or identity; instead, they have a common enemy in the Shaded Sea.

At a Glance

A group of nations and cultures pressed between the Worldspine to their East and the Shaded Sea to their west.

The Sunrise

The Sunrise People are not one culture, nor an alliance, nor even a specific group; instead, the "Sunrise People" is the collective name given to the independent cultures to the east of the Shaded Steppes, and the region where they live. They have no particular common culture or identity; at times, they include both Minotaur city-states, carved of giant stone, and Human marsh-folk, a culture of hunters and fishers that lives in the swamps of the southeast. Their main common factor is a common enemy, the Shaded Sea.

A bit like the tide coming in and going out, the fortunes of the Shaded Sea people largely determine the state of the Sunrise. When the Shaded Sea are united and advancing, the Sunrise People draw together – although their numbers also diminish, as some of the cultures of the Sunrise may be conquered; when the Shaded Sea retreats, the union of the Sunrise frays, and the people of the region begin to compete with one-another.

Today, as the Shaded Sea has become ascendent, the fortunes of the Sunrise has waned. The construction of the Shade-Elves Great Eastern Camp has resulted in continuous pressure being placed on the Sunrise, and two of the nations that traditionally make up the Sunrise have been forced to pay tribute to the Shaded Sea.