Mundane Items

Originally, we didn't have a list of mundane items. However, as we refactored the content, we needed a place to put a few non-magical, non-combat items, like the Day Wrap and the Halfling Wagon.

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Halfling Caravan Cart

  • Cost: [High]
  • Availability: Common

Halfling Wagons are large horse-drawn carts that serve as both a mobile residence, work-space and shop for a Halfling businessperson (and possibly some business-partners or family).

The carts varied; the humblest is essentially a discarded human wagon with bunks hung from boards running along the sides as walls, while the most expensive are large, wood-sided structures whose internal spaces are divided into floors and rooms (though small even by the standards of Halflings). Some are even designed to be opened up, becoming small shops once set up.

In general, a Halfling Wagon can comfortably accommodate up to four halflings, and provide work space enough to carry and use (when stopped and set-up) a Shop. Halflings Wagons are neither light nor fast; the are two-axled, and are most often pulled by two horses.


  • Cost: [Trivial]
  • Availability: Common (Deep Explorer Dwarves), Rare (elsewhere)

Dwarves who cannot afford a Day-Mask — or who must do without one for some other reason — often use a wrap like a large bandanna; there are different ways to wear the day-wrap, but it is usually worn so that it shades the face and eyes.

Some day-wraps may be woven in complex patterns or richly died; many Clans and Holds have specific patterns and colors.

  • When wearing a day-wrap — or improvising a similar covering — the penalty for exposure to bright light is reduced to -20.
  • Day-wraps work by shading the eyes from the sun; they are ineffective against lights at eye-level.