Notable in Westward Province

Major Location: Seven-Points

Seven-Points is a massive star-fort built in center of Westward Province. It is the central point in Westward Province's defenses.

Population: varies; 90K permanent, plus stationed troops

Common Languages: Weal, Hartland Gnoll, more

Common Races: varies; Humans (20%), Gnolls (20%), Drakes (10%), Orcs(10%), Kobolds (5%), plus others and stationed troops

Location: central Westward, in narrow band between Herd-and-Pack and Shaded Sea

Industries: Soldiery, Command, Administration, Seigecraft, Masonry, Smithing, Farming

Seven-Points is a massive star-fort built in the center of Westward Province, where the province is at its narrowest, sandwiched between the rolling hills of Herd-and-Pack to the north and the Shade-elf-dominated steppes to the south.

The massive star-fort is at the cutting edge of fortification design, designed to provide optimal fields-of-fire for modern cannons, and to resist the Shade Elves' most sophisticated and modern tactics and weapons. The fort is also massive, dwarfing a great many cities in scale; it hosts a permanent population and civilian support personnel, and has even granted charters to a handful of manors that have planted fields to the north. In spite of its massive size and population, it is still provisioned for more than two years' of siege.

It is not the capital of Westward only because it technically is not a city; it is the center of Commonwealth military operations in the West.

Seven Points has a Kairne Circle.

The site has not gone 5 full years without combat since construction of the modern fortress began sixty-five years ago.

Major Location: Sail-Forest

Sail-Forest is the Commonwealth's greatest port-city on the West coast. Like Seven-Points (and much of Westward), it is as much a fortification as it is a city. The site is several hundred years old, and has grown outward in stages: the oldest district at the center was constructed in CY 424, in an older, more Eastern style; it is surrounded by stages of expansion, ringed by newer and ever more formidable walls. Besides being a busy port-city, it is connected to two major military installations: a formidable star-fort sits half a demarc to the north and inland, connected by a narrow, armored access-way, while Commonwealth Fleetyard Westward sits immediately to the south, within the outer-most ring of walls. Commonwealth Fleetyard Westward is second only to Southarbor and the Fortress Island as a naval installation, and constructs, hosts and commands the fleets that patrol the gulf between Islandhome and Westward.

Population: 910K

Common Languages: Weal, Hartland Gnoll, Orcish, Islander Skinned, Islander Furred

Common Races: Humans (25%), Halflings (15%), Ratfolk (15%), Orcs (15%), Kobolds (10%), more

Location: west coast

Industries: trading, exploration, ship-building, soldiery, navy command, masonry, carpentry, smithing, military command, province administration