Haven Province

Haven Province consists of the Haven Isles, a large island chain off the western coast of the Emerald Plane. Besides the original Human and Gnollish settlers from the Commonwealth, the Haven Isles have absorbed a large number of other populations: ratfolk refugees from the Warren Isles, Shade Elves from the inland praire, Dwarves from Northland, and Kobolds from the Eastern Kingdoms. It is also the birthplace of the Ash Elves. The Haven Isles are generally urban and cosmopolitan, and are something of a hot-bed of cultural exchange and political thought; in particular, they are known for the sophisticated administration and complex, federalized system of government.

Pleasant climate, open vinyards, and political philosophy; large cities, including those constructed by races that live primarily underground.

Population: 85M

Common Languages: Islander Skinned, Islander Furred, Ashen, Haven Weal, Haven Gnollish, Cqik, High Kobold, Merchant Voyager, more

Common Races: Kobolds (25%), Gnolls (20%), Ash Elves (20%), Dwarves (10%), Ratfolk (10%), Humans (5%), Shade Elves (5%), more