Notable in Herd-and-Pack

Major City: Five Rivers (Kauhnahei)

Five Rivers is situated on the top of a prominent hill 6 demarc west of the rough center of Herd-and-Pack province, in the rolling hills and small rivers of the center-west of the Emerald Plane. It was the Herder's oldest and greatest city, its construction predating the founding of Herd-and-Pack by almost two hundred years. Historically, it served as the de-facto capital of the Herd-and-Pack Alliance; today, it is the seat-of-administration for Herd-and-Pack Province. It's Commonwealth name is derived from the surrounding network of rivers that it commands; a rough transliteration of the Herder name is "Kauhnahei," which is believed to derive from the (fairly literal) phrase "Great Hill City."

Population: 190K (varies)

Common Languages: Alliance Herder, Alliance Standard

Common Races: Herders (75%), Gnolls (20%), more

Location: Near the center of Herd-and-Pack Province, north of Westward Province and the Shaded Sea.

Industries: Farming, brick-making, masonry, trade