Notable in Foam-and-Cloud

Major Character: the Sand-Shelled King

The Sand-Shelled King is the current king of the Kingdom of Foam and Cloud. He is the latest in the line that founded the Kingdom more than two hundred years ago, the line of the Kings-of-Bronze, the Turquoise Kings.

Despite being a Goblin king, he speaks fluent Commonwealth Standard, and is sympathetic to the Commonwealth.

Major City: Hurricane

Hurricane was the largest of the cities founded by Goblin settlers; it was the city where the Bronze King made his home, and established his throne. The Bronze Kings have since moved their throne to Winds-of-Gold, but Hurricane remains a cultural center for the Goblin population on the island; it is still strongly aligned with the Bronze King.

It is located in the southeast of Cloud Island, and has a population of 350,000.

Major City: Winds-of-Gold

Winds-of-Gold was a large, wealthy city on the southern coast of Foam Island; it was the third city to fall to the King of Bronze, and the second to accept tribute to end his seige. The Bronze King was carful to ensure the quick recovery of the wealthy city and its profitable markets; it has since become the largest city in the islands. The Fourth Bronze King moved his throne to Winds-of-Gold in CY 651, and the city is still the capital today.

The city sits on the south shore of Foam Island and has a population of 550,000.