Notable in the Shaded Sea

Major City: Western Great Walled Camp

Western Great Walled Camp is a literal translation for the city that serves as the informal capital of the Shaded Steppes; it is one of the few permanent settlements constructed by the Shade Elves. The name is literal: the city is located in the west of the Shaded Steppes, and is constructed as a great walled camp; whereas other cities have permanent buildings and districts, much of Western Great Walled Camp is simply an open field, where the members of the dominant Confederation can encamp. The city is enclosed by four strong walls, joined at irregular angles; the north and west walls are shorter, and surround the palace complex and the city's four permanent districts, while the south and east walls are longer, and surround the open encampment. The city has two major roads, one that runs roughly east-west and another that runs roughly north-south; it has six gates, four situated where one of the roads meets, and two more on the south and east walls leading into the encampment.

The city includes a palace complex, where the current ruler of the Shade Elves and their Clan reside.

Major City: Eastern Great Walled Camp

A great walled camp in the East, where the Kena Confederation is based.