Herd-and-Pack Province

Herd-and-Pack Province sits in a stretch of patchy forests and rising hills north of Westward Province; it consists of the territory of the former Herd-and-Pack Alliance, an alliance principally between several Herder and Gnoll tribes to resist the Shade Elves. Owing to a common enemy, the Herd-and-Pack Alliance had been allies of the Commonwealth since the latter first built settlements near the rolling steppe and praire of the west; with the Compact, the Alliance joined the Commonwealth as a province. Though they meet all their obligations under the Compact, Herd-and-Pack remains somewhat insular; they largely practice their own traditional ways of life, and have showe less interest in trade and exchange with the larger Commonwealth.

Herder settlements, Gnollish tribes, and other tribal cultures; somewhat martial, having long cooperated with the Commonwealth to face their common enemies in the Shaded Sea.

Population: 35M

Common Languages: Alliance Herder, Alliance Gnollish, Alliance Standard

Common Races: Herders (35%), Gnolls (35%), others