Notable in the Goblin Empire

Major Character: Second-Empress.

Her name in High Goblin can't be transliterated, but in Speech-of-the-Lesser, she is simply called Second-Empress; she is the daughter of the first Empress. She rules the Goblin Empire, and is leading their pillage of the Ruby Plane. So far, she has successfully kept the Kings, Warlords and rising merchant class sweet, while slowly but steadily advancing the power of the Empire.

Major City: Strong-Throne

Strong-Throne is the capital of the Empire, located in the south-center of Goblin territory on the Emerald Plane. The city has a population of roughly 450,000, contains the Imperial throne, and is the center of their administration and military command.

Major City: Market-of-the-Empire

Market-of-the-Empire is a city of more than a million located only 70 miles from the Imperial frontier on the Ruby Plane. The city is not a seat of Imperial administration; rather, it is a center of trade and business; here, slaves and pillage from the frontier are traded for coin and supplies from the Emerald Plane. Perhaps as few as 300,000 of the city's occupants are resident citizens; they are joined by another 300,000 traders, travellers and transients, and between 400,000 and 800,000 slaves.