Notable in Haven Province

Major City: Union

In Haven Isles style, Union is technically an "administrative region" consisting of three conjoined subterranean cities sharing a common central cavern, built under the peaks of Islandhome (the largest of the Haven Isles). One city is Ash-Elven, one is Shipwright Dwarven, and one — the newest — is Kobold; in the center, connecting the three, sits a bustling "public square" cavern that is istelf larger than some small cities. Union is, in many ways, the cultural center of the Haven Isles, and the three cultures at its heart; it is, unsurprisingly, also the capital of Haven Isles.

Population: 1.3M

Common Languages: Islander Skinned, Ashen, High Kobold, Islander Hel, more

Common Races: Kobolds (35%), Ash Elves (25%), Dwarves (25%), more

Location: Under the peaks of Islandhome

Industries: Masonry, Other Artisenry, Universities, Writing, Printing, Trade, Theatre