Other Nations

The Commonwealth isn't the only nation on the Emerald Plane; here, we'll describe several other nations.

  • The Kingdoms of Men are a feudal state to the northeast of the Commonwealth.
  • The Shaded-Sea People is the name given to the people of the Shaded Steppes and Shaded Sea, united as tributaries of the Leapers.
  • The Raptor's Protectorate consists of the protectorates and tributaries of the Raptor Empire, the only bulwark against the aggression of the Goblin Empire on the Ruby Plane.
  • The Goblin Empire are a powerful empire looting the Ruby Plane.
  • The Kingdom of Foam and Cloud is a small Goblin kingdom based on an island in the Sea of Strife, torn between the Commonwealth and the Empire.
  • The Deep-Explorer Dwarves are a Dwarven culture that has vanished into the deeps beneath the surface of the world.
  • The Mudskipper Federation is the Mudskipper nation on the Ruby Plane.