Notable in the Kingdoms of Men

Major Character: Kass Ahnaff, High King

Kass Ahnaff is the current High King. He has ties of business and noble bond throughout the Dragonshire, and trade with the Commonwealth has made him wealthy. He supports a closer alliance with the Commonwealth, even to the point of allowing non-Humans to purchase land and do business in the Kingdoms (he might say that it certainly doesn't seem to have hurt the Commonwealth much).

Unsurprisingly, the Commonwealth Council would much rather see Kass Ahnaff on the Kingdoms' throne than any of his nearest competitors, and are investing heavily in making sure that he stays there.

His throne is in Merchantmen City (below).

Major Character: Mela, Tenna King

Mela Tenna is the current king of the Kingdom of Tennec; his throne is in Hate's Hold (below). He is the most powerful Eastern King, and the de facto head of their movement.

He has openly declared his hatred of all non-Humans — including the Haffa, as well as every Human citizen of the Commonwealth, whom he views as traitors. (He utterly loathes Kass Ahnaff, who he views as the greatest race-traitor in the Kingdoms.) He has led a series of bloody purges of any remaining non-Humans in the Kingdom of Tenna; he promises similar purges in the entire Kingdoms of Men should he attain the Throne, to be followed by a war of annihilation on the Commonwealth.

He has recently become a devotee of the One who Chose Us.

If anyone is unambiguously evil, it's Mela Tenna.

Major City: Merchantmen City

Known as Annhallan in Royal and Merchantmen City in Commonwealth Standard, this city of 900,000 sits in the northwest of the Kingdoms, about 140 demarc [roughly 588 kilometers] from the border with the Dragonshire, sitting scarcely a demarc from the coast of the Glass Sea. Annhallan is the capital city of the Kingdom of Anaff; since Kass Anaff is the current High King, the city is currently also the center of government for the Kingdoms of Men.

As the name Merchantmen City implies, the Kingdom of Anaff has long prospered by trade, especially with the Commonwealth; traders from Heartland Province and the Dragonshire are common, and many of hte Commonwealth's languages are spoken in Merchantmen City.

Major City: Hate's Hold

Called Tenlan in Royal, Hate's Hold is the capital of the Kingdom of Tennec; it is a city of 800,000 in the southeast of the Kingdoms. It lies on a river, less than two demarc [8km] up-river from the the coast of the Glass Sea, and a mere 160 demarc [672km] from the open ocean.

With convenient river access to the Glass Sea, Tenlan is a wealthy trade town; their wealth and power are bolstered by a system of weirs and water-channels that water the surrounding territory, which they control and charge for access to. The Tenna are among the wealthiest (and most convicted) of the royal families of the East; as such, Tenlan is the unofficial capital of the Eastern Kings.

Tenlan is also the center of the worship of the One who Chose Us in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The city is called Hate's Hold for a reason; it is not a good place to be if you aren't Human.

Major City: The First Throne

Called Hanman in Royal (and Old Imperial), First Throne is one of the Three Cities that came together to found the Old Empire. Though it is still a large and prosperous city — situated on the large River Hanem, it has always been a center of trade — it is no longer a center of power within the Kingdoms. It has a population of 350,000.

The name First Throne is not figurative: the first and oldest-known cities where founded by Humans; though Hanman is not one of these oldest cities, it is believed to be the first city to hold a throne — to develop a regional government.

The city is in the Kingdom of Enha, although the Enhan Kings are relatively weak; the city is ruled by the Hanman Congress. So far, both the Enhan line and the Hanman Congress have been content to cooperate (for the most part), and enjoy the prosperity that comes from their prominent location and rich trade. The Enhan Kings are allies of the Annhallan and the Western Kings; the Hanman Congress are divided. A plurality are supporters of the Western Kings, but other blocs support the Certan cause, direct Commonwealth alliance and the Eastern Kings, in roughly that order of size.

Major City: Certa

A trade-hub located in the center of the Kingdoms of Men, and the center of the Certan movement.

Population: 650 thousand

Common Languages: Royal, Commonwealth Standard

Common Races: Humans

At a Glance

A trade-hub located in the center of the Kingdoms of Men, and the center of the Certan movement.

Population: 650 thousand
Common Languages: Royal, Commonwealth Standard
Common Races: Humans

Certa is a city of 650,000; located roughly in the middle of the Kingdoms of Men, it is the center of the Certan Movement, an anti-monarchist movement. Certa has been rebuilt on the site of an older (and smaller) city; the city was destroyed more than a century ago, and was claimed by the Certanis and rebuilt some 38 years later — 62 years ago.

The city is roughly circular; it is divided into pie-slice-shaped districts by prominent roads that run from the central administrative district to the outer wall. The city is built with a distinctive, modern architectural style; the buildings are built high, supported by free-standing buttresses, and are decorated with wide windows and prominent artwork.