Here are the statistics for several races, both common and uncommon. This includes a short description of their history, cultures, and ethnic groups; physical descriptions; vitals; and, importantly, their mechanical features.

We've divided this into several sections:

  • the common races of the Commonwealth;
  • some of the more unusual races of the Commonwealth;
  • some of the races of the neighboring nations; and,
  • a few of the more exotic and unusual races of the world.

Note that every race will have one of three special tags: Natural, Supernatural or Spirit. This tells you whether the race is flesh-and-blood (Natural), has some inborn supernatural quality (Supernatural), or is composed (primarily or entirely) of magical energy (Spirit).

Some races may also have the CP Cost tag, which specifies an additional CP cost that must be paid when selecting that race at character creation, or the Requires Approval tag, which specifies a race that requires GM approval. (These things often go hand-in-hand, as they might both apply to a race that has very powerful or unusual features.) Some races may have a CP Bonus tag, representing CP that you gain when selecting that race.

At present, no race has a CP Bonus, and we aren't planning on any; it's included here for future-proofing.

Some races have optional features, such as optional Traits that some members of that race have. You don’t acquire these for free when you pick that race; rather, they optional features that are available to you, using all the normal rules for acquiring them (i.e. purchasing them during character creation for CP). (So, for example, Shifters don't just have the Animal Form trait; however, they can purchase it during character creation for CP, just like any other trait they are eligible for.)

Because we'd like to emphasize that a member of any race can grow up in any culture, we've tried to limit the fixed features in each races block to only those biological characteristics that every member of a given race would have, regardless of their background.

If you'd like to know about the effects of growing up in one or another community, see the Backgrounds chaper.

We'd like race selection to be interesting and impactful, but we also want to avoid locking any race into (or out of) any particular role, or giving any race an edge in a role that a character from no other race could catch up to.

Consider these goals when adding custom races (or submitting pull requests).